tree sister

I venture to see my companion knowing she would be there

always true and graceful.

Today I notice new growth on the tips of her hands,

after the winter that just left her.

She opens her arms widely for me

And takes me in her warm embrace.


Last time I was here

She sheltered me from the ravaging

Storm and endless times she 

never turned me away.

She doesn't seem to mind

What I wear or not

And what I look like

What I possess or not

And whether I am happy or not

Or neither of these.


It is my soul she reaches

the depth of me

Her roots, my strength

Her branches my joy

Her wisdom gentle and guiding

Her ancestry my comfort

Words or no words

She understands all the same

Her inclusive and infinite nature

I realise is also in me

The moment of our reunion

We know who we are

Words or no words

Our silence speaks

We belong together

The Tree, Presence

And The Sister