tree lover

My juicy lover

Your long silhoutte of elegance

Moves me in rhythm of grace

Bending gently

Dancing to the wind tune


I see you

I feel you

Your wide veins exposed

Carrying the sacred fires of life

Your sturdy branches

Sheltering home for my soul


I feel your benevolent heart

Infinite welcome

In the softness of your moss 

Next to my skin

Caressing me tenderly



You and I

We are of the same kinship

One lifeblood

One family

Infinity of roots

Spreading riot through the world

Quickening it's pulse


You and I

One breath

Rhythmic dance


Cathedrals of hope

Entwined Sisters

Lovers of hope


With first waking of the day

And sleep in my eyes

I inhale your moist fresh dew

Tasting aliveness

And potency

My faithful companion

My juicy lover

My wild inspiration

Published in We"Moon 2021 upcoming calendar/datebook:


Mother Tongue Ink