the balm of  sisterhood

In thoughts,

and in my being with you,

knowing you know what that means

this is not only a new

way of existing

this is a WHOLE new way of being.


Here, Now, Timeless, Without restrictions

without certainty

on new plane

where heart feels

that raw, fragile and unending reality

space of joy and sadness

of pain and comfort.


We journey

not alone

but together

face to face

heart to heart

quietly, silently, gently

moving inward into a

spiral of truth, beauty and lightness.


My gratitude

is genuine

when I feel

and I am witness to our being, here, together

connecting through the lightness of threads

where heart just knows

what mind

only endeavours to articulate.



just a breath away

just a thought away

where here or there

don’t really exist.


So much comfort

this brings to my being

much wholeness to the disintegrated self.