Trees are


the earth writes upon 

the sky

  Kahlil Gibran




Sacred Activism and

Loving Kindness





Being Activists we know what lies underneath its core- commitment and action from grounded centre of being and strong conviction in being able to serve humanity and the Earth. For me, activism is a sacred action- led from deep consciousness, passion, generosity and peace and wisdom.


Amongst many of my own passions, lies the commitment to environmental protection, to be a restorer of my planet, of the space I call home.  Momentum seem to be taking place despite of colossal destruction but there seems much urgency presently, as we bear witness to a large waves of worldly destruction which can sometimes be truly overwhelming.


As an Activist one knows the importance of our daily actions but being impatient and hard on ourselves is very common. It is a challenging call we had taken on and staying calm, peaceful and positive might serve us better.


As a passionate recycler I take my mission with such avidness that i often step on other people’s toes, within circle of friends and family. I have long-term physical condition and often lack physical energy and strength which had prevented me from so called “active life”. Yet I find this path had gave me new gifts me to give myself to matters closest to my heart hence commitment to be Eco warrior.  


I am aware that I do this with utmost reverence and love for the Earth. Equally, such path  can be a very lonely place. We may not always live in a community that supports our visions and passions. Our communities are still stuck in rat race or in poverty struggling to meet basic needs.


It is these challenges that make us realise how each human has a unique role to play in activism. We need to practise loving kindness towards ourselves and others. Ego driven  patterns lie in each and everyone sabotaging conscious action. 


Another thing that really tests our motivation for positive change is that we fear change but also our own authentic power. Marianne Williamson, a spiritualist leader, explains this very eloquently:“… Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us .”


Our conditioning to initiate creating only from our rational mind and avoid listening voice of our hearts is an easy way to fruitless outcomes and resentment altogether. The heart-centered action gets “to the heart” of life that benefits all.


There is a term known as “Butterfly Effect” , which translates as knowing how a small change can lead to big tidal wave. A simple movement like that of a flapping of a butterfly wing can give rise to a tornado in unexpected places. We are the butterflies with loving kindness hidden in our own wings.

Published in "In Transition" column.Dorking Advertiser. 2018.

trees are poems

the earth writes upon the sky


Kahlil Gibran