precious diamonds

The Inner Child in me wants to jump from train to train, 

make brave new steps, a realm of never ending adventure.


The Inner Mother in me longs to nourish the life and beings, 

embrace the duality into the warmth of my breasts, 

To touch and be touched by beloved and heart of the Earth.


The Inner Sister in me dreams of joining the hands and hearts of our sisters.

Knowing the sacredness and beauty of the circle provides strength, boldness

and shared purpose when joined in our togetherness.


The Inner Goddess in me, wish to witness it all,

see the beauty and grace and awe, in light and in darkness.

Her wise presence, seeing the truth. 

Our deaths are our beginnings, we always return to our Source.


We are finely polished diamonds, the sparks of Divine element.

Our minds and bodies our rollercoasters, our hearts holding the

holy sanctity of infinite circular journeys.