I wake up with your presence
And I take you with me
Into my day

When in your hands
I am truly in my heart
Not questioning why, what and how
Just accepting as it is
Just loving me
My perfect incarnation
I chose long long ago

Would I be what I am
If it wasn't for the unique
And beautiful energy of my own experiences
Of journey through many world's
Finally choosing to come here
To stay close to Earth's heartbeat
To hear her voice
To feel hear breath
And witness all her beauty and grace
Knowing that all is here
As it is intended
My undeniable sensitivity
Is her fragility
My strength is her magical wildness.

Would I be where I am
If you haven't whispered sweetly
Into my ear many times before:
There is nothing wrong with you
You have nothing to fear, 
You are nature being 
You are me
We are One.