the earth writes upon 

the sky

  Kahlil Gibran




My Life Awaits

The call that came earlier this year was very strong. Resisting its tug was pointless. It was a call that echoed from the ancient land of Avalon, beckoning me to join the women’s circle and filling 

me with great anticipation. I knew I was ready when I answered. 


The gratitude that continues to pour into me, even after these meetings, is beyond any words. My return into so called ordinary life meant nothing was the same any longer. Burned and then washed clean by the fire and water of the circle, I found myself renewed and even more deeply awed by the mystery of life.


Baring my soul and scarred body, and exposing it so openly to the unknown while feeling that I was

in nature’s caring and benevolent hand, seemed so natural, so easy with these women. Being held lovingly by their bodies and their open hearts was deeply nurturing. I felt like a giant iceberg melting.


I became a shining newborn, all innocent and new, floating in the warm waters of the womb, wrapped in the finest and softest fabrics. I was cradled in the loving arms of the Divine, and rocked into a deep enchanted sleep to the whispers of a sweet gentle lullaby. And in this waking dream I met myself many times over. Me as I am. Fully accepted, fully seen. Complete me.


That same evening, as I climbed the steps to Glastonbury Tor, the sun was falling. The steps grew steeper and I doubted whether I could make it to the top. I hesitated, feeling the tiredness in my body. Last time I was here I didn't have the energy or courage to make it. Instead I had resigned myself to the fate of my mystery illness. Can I really do this, I asked myself. Can I get to where I want to be?


As I questioned myself, I noticed another woman having difficulty ascending. But her undeniable determination to make it shook me from my doubt. A further two women reached us. One beckoned me on, while the other carried my bag. I believe it was their angel wings that carried me up the remaining steps.


The relief and triumph I felt were so sweet. But so also was my realisation how the elements of life - air, water, fire and earth - were merely one entity working together to get me where I belonged. I was overwhelmed with gratitude, and the deep conviction that women coming together are not just stronger, but an invincible force.


I relinquished my fear of I can't, and surrendered to something much larger than myself: the arms of a Goddess and her helping allies. It was testament to what is possible when we place our trust in the loving embrace of our Sisters.


And so in this moment, I consciously choose to carry all those Sisters in my heart. They are a reminder to me to keep shining my torch, to befriend the deepest darkest corners of the cave where the most valuable treasure lies. 


Having accepted the blessings and gifts of Sisterhood, it is easy to envision a sacred power of belonging that can vibrate throughout the whole of planet Earth. My dream of living among my tribe - together and sharing our gifts - seems as close as the next breath I take. 


The possibilities seem infinite. 



Inspired by the Wild Women of Avalon Circle, Glastonbury 2018





trees are poems

the earth writes upon the sky


Kahlil Gibran