Girl Smelling Flowers
Girl Smelling Flowers


whatever is



in the depth


of your






give it 


a voice

Speak  Up!

Medicine  Poetry

I first began writing poetry a decade ago. It was a child in me that sought healing through writing, soothing through expressing.

It was the spirit of my wild muse that was reawakening within me, taking a flow. Today I continue to let my inner child play and express what lies in her heart.


It is more bodied experience, the spark that kindles my spirit is about expressing what needs to come out, put into words what has been long waited to come into the light. It is my body speaking and the whole of me listening. I now become the voice of feelings and emotions and let them have authority.


Through it I make committed friendship and deep connection with voice of inner world, releasing it into outer. I endeavour to show value of both Light and Dark nature of psyche. 


To open not only my voice but enable the voice of all living entities , beings and elemental spirits to move through me. I recognise them as my allies in the spiral of awakening. I recognise their power and the pure alchemy when I listen with openness of heart.


I wish for you to find your own medicine amongst the pages of the poem verses. 


For Women.... poetry is not a luxury.

It is a vital necessity of our existence.


Audre Lorde 


   I must have swallowed


Last night as I sat by my window

I was drawn by the softness of...



to surrender your soft flesh

into the arms of Benevolent Mother...


   Soul Skin

Invisible Veil wrapping itself around

my flesh...

Broken Marble



Wild whole and Immense

She is a timeless Boundless Being...


Maga's Call

I love your dark

silhouetted valleys...


   My Burning 

I am ready

I am done

I had been asked to step forward





Only your deep presence...


The Balm of Sisterhood

In thoughts,

and in my being with you,



Healing At White Spring

The Dam has broken

Our Rivers flowing again

Another layer coming off


Rest My Love

  In a sweet silence of a dawn

 And stark mystery amongst sillouttes  of trees



switch of computer

and mobile phone

go offline

off radar


Tree Sister

I venture to see my companion knowing she would be there

always true and graceful...



I wake up with your presence

And I take you with me

Into my day...


Seeding Hope Carrier

In search for a melody

that is sweeter

in longing for .....

Illuminated Rock



Ask her to tell you her most intimate deepest  dreams

and then listen...


Precious Diamonds

The Inner Child in me wants to jump from train to train...


 Shadow In Me

I awoke at the dawn of confusion 

and then carried it like a bag over my shoulders


Tree Lover 

My juicy lover

Your long silhoutte of elegance

Moves me...


Losing The Plot 

We are all losing it.We have all lost it only to find again in our hearts yet the same guiding voice...


Dreaming Of Women's Tribe



In my dreams we weave the fabric of peace around the globe...


Let It 


let joy and ease find you, let the abundance.....


You Belong

To the Sister Who held back my gaze keeping her barriers...