losing the plot

We are all losing it.
We have all lost it only to find again in our hearts yet the same guiding voice:

Take it slow my dear. Nothing is so important right now.  

Slow yourself right down.
It is dream time, sleep-time, and being out of time looking back over your life and saying ' thank you life for all that was and all that is’.

“All in its own time”, the saying goes, the wisdom worth paying attention to.
Because when you finally find yourself at locked doors, remember: 
They are closed for a reason. You are not meant to be entering today,

it is now deep winter, come back!

Lay down all your weapons.

Place down all your burdens. 

And in the stillness of your being, journeying yet going nowhere.

You will be moving inward into the quiet space,

within the spiral of many world's yet unseen
And you will know I am here,

always beside you letting your head rest gently on the soft pillow of new world.

Granting you permission to just be, to let go into the stillness of your winter 

knowing you have ‘lost the plot”
Only so you move closer and closer home, return to yourself.






© 2018.