Wild, Whole and Immense

She is timeless, boundless Being

She doesn’t live according to masculine prescriptions

Or time restrictions

She flows according to her own rhythm and harmonics

Guided by her inner compass

In touch with her elemental being

She takes care of her deepest and most immediate needs

She lets the season blend with her body

She lets the elements stir a bit within her

She watches her waters flow abundantly


She allows the wind to blow through the old cobwebs

Release the old structures

So that she may gather herself a bit deeper and wider

Weave the new webs of stronger and more solid connections, a

Portal of new perspectives

She allows herself to soften and sink into the ground of her being

Rest and conserve her energy

Reflect without pressure to produce, strive or try harder

She allows the fire to warm her cold and tired bones

To consume her and burn down her ills

Surrender to the delights of her heart’s desires


In this safe temple

In this space of self-preservation and self-validation

She recreates herself again and again

Inspired and guided by new passions

Inevitably much happens for her in such dark, fertile and still cavern

Being, dreaming, hybernating, pausing before taking new breaths

When she accepts the loving embrace of Dark Mother

She is initiated into simplicity and effortlessness of her nature rhythm

Her flesh relaxed, 

In the space of inhaling and exhaling 

She knows she is home.

Goddess When She Rules-Expressions by Contemporary Women 2018.


fb- Women's spiritual poetry



© 2018.