dreaming of women's tribe


In my dreams
We weave the fabric of peace around the globe
And inhabit our communal dwellings in every place we know
We sleep together on earth's rich blanket under the starry night sky.

In my dreams
We listen to the life's hum
Coming through the woodlands and forests, deserts and grasslands.
We breathe in their freshness as we blow life into their lungs

In my dreams
We walk together hand in hand
And face our challenges
With open hearts and offering hands
And wash away our tensions in healing waters of Mother's Womb

In my dreams
Our crops and gardens are lush and abundant and wild and free
And every plant speaks to our souls
Offering its healing balm, tender guidance and pure love
In my dreams
Our children are growing as wild and free, whole and in harmony with their true nature
Thriving in every way

In my dreams
We hug, feed and water our lives
With fires glowing in our hearts
In the sweet presence of each and every 

moment and celebrate our sisterly love
And our honour of each other ceases to end

In my dreams 

All veils are uncovered and our faces glowing with joy
And as we rest our heads on each others shoulders we listen to the beats of our tender hearts, the drum of our Mother
baring all that we are 
Seen, heard and loved
Just as we are