ask her to tell you her most intimate deepest  dreams

and then listen

listen with spaciousness of heart

as there are no words

to convey the stirring of

swirls inside her


you we'd be amused

see  her writing pen 

moving by her muse



across the milky paper

and beyond the pages of what is visable

comprehensible to mind

as her gaze reach far into the distance

deep into her rooting 


be ready to see

wilderness beyond obscurity of form

realms of microcosmic nature

full of life sparks

and macrocosmic world 

beyond what can be seen

in the darkest of interior caverns


she yearns to answer her own call 

and follow it through

to face her own shadow

as the moment unfolds

she finds her self one with the fluidity of paint and brush and the canvas

flow and ebb, dark and light 

the painter uknown

her yearnings unfolding 

in her every move 

in her every poise 


and as you hold her other hand

and feel the warmth of your skin against hers

know you are discerning 

the wholeness of entire universe

in one single pulse


and you realise

there is not a thing that will not spill

from and into her dreamy eyes 

the water gushes out

caressing anything on its path

the endless ocean of

tears, sweat and heavy clouds

ready for release

with Waxing Moon


and then you see

it would be from here

new earth continues to grow

watching her getting fuller

filling her own cup once more


February 2019