i must have swallowed

Last night as I sat by my window  

I was drawn by the softness of auric field

Emanating brightly from our Mother Moon

On the verge of her fullness

Feeling her devotional love and warmth vibrating through every inch of my inner world


Every organ, every leaning rock 

valley, glade, forest

Every stream and river

All grasslands and smooth deserts 

Soaking in her magnificent light 


Soon after I fell into a realm of deep sleep

And slipping the mind somehow

Overriding the need to grasp

Unfurled into the infinity of cosmic venture 

Seemingly out there 

And also here

As a reflecting mirror  

My own anamnesis


In the quiet of early morning

Discerning presence

Enveloped me

While I was waxing from my sleep

And without the shadow of a doubt

I knew 

My intuition, instinct or stroke of fate 

The gigantic great wonder of a Moon 

I watched longingly in the sky

I must have swallowed


Astounded by such sorcery 

Many times over

Gifted by infinite blessings 

Her warm stunning light 

Her  simple beauty  

Her medicine

Her perfect fit within my belly 


Our growing together just at the bud 

As I lean into her grace

Feeling gratitude 

For being nourished 

Eternally held on the inside



© 2021.