soul skin

Invisible veil wrapping itself around my flesh

Like a fresh bedding sheet at night 

And brand new fresh morning 

Following the moon's will 

When rich mists descend upon my

Inner and outer landscapes

I befriend that feeling as my second skin

A movement within


A pulse

A dark cocoon inside

A restriction in darkness

Which for female caterpillar may appear of no consequence whatsoever

One observes her instinct to surrender to her faith


Knowing her soul skin protects her being

From not venturing yet into the brightest of light

When conditions are still premature


Warmly nested in my own skin

Breathing in yearning, dreaming

Vision of what hasn't unfolded yet and all the intricacies of becoming 

Like a curious shy child peeping through

Windows of frost coated winter wonderland

I am a spectator rather than a player

Watching on the outside but burning with deep desire inside

In vain all the kicking, and screaming and pushing 

when skins I am wearing

Are not yet consenting to come off

And so I am being primed

like all growing peeps are when initiated by their starbeings grandmothers

My soul hosts galaxy of eyes

Mysterious knowing when

Fullness of harvest may approach me 

With unexpected

Delivery of


Sweet bounty

And reaping the nectar




© 2020