let it 

Let joy and ease find you

Let abundance and means of financial support find you

Let enough find you

Enough of being you, being enough

Let wellness of river flow in you, through you

So you head is up above troubled water

And your roots nourished by dark mud

Let love and creativity from heart find you


Let Her find you as you are, infinite and invincible

Vulnerable yet strong in all your fear

In all your anxiety, heartache and pain

Let it in

Grant it permission

And let it pass in its own time

Let it


Let silence in

Let rest and renewal in

Let doing and being discover each other

Let body do its own healing for you

Let flow of tears and blood and sweat in


And let that shiny luminescence and eternal

Jewel of your heart lead you forever on

Through your yearnings and out into new grand possibilities


Let heart in