Give me your hand now

share your fire and nurture it

with me, with whomever you can

use your voice and inspire many to do the same



The Call of a Goddess


My creative projects  turned into new canvas. They navigated me to what appeared to be like a very lonely and mostly solitary spiritual path. My Muse aided the expressions of old repressed emotional patterns I had been hiding from for decades. I found myself at the crossings. Feminine ancestral lines were put under scrutiny, the healing Muse flow asked for transformation.


But it became clear to me I was not alone in this transformation.  Going inwards to move outwards was a natural psyche cycle of the feminine. Many other women began to share similar journeys,  an initiation into a new paradigm. Slowly I was beginning to reconnect with my own rooting system just like a tree does. I was sensing my feet growing deeper into the rich ground of my being. I found my branches were on they way to continue gently touch the sky. Right now I am on my journey of returning back to my creative centre, reintroducing myself gently to show my gifts and feel the gifts and freedom of my own body. 



This creative force rising within me, Wild Muse is reawakening everything on my way. She,  as Goddess in all her power, wisdom and grace desires to be heard as she is, in her fullness, in her wholeness, and transparent in her being. I welcome her in, quenching my thirst with her sacred waters. I enter into new insights and feelings of what belonging really means.


Her presence means the cleansing of the river banks has began. Transformation is ongoing and so is learning to trust my soul. There seems to be no physical illness present, unless there is fear of experiencing emotional realms within container of the body. Permission and Self-love are the keys. One can not exist without the other. To my knowing, having this conscious awareness, is the key to healing, to rebalancing the fractures of our current lives, both Inner and Outer. Still not an easy path to heal what we are not.


My Wild Muse yearns to reconnect with other soul sisters and brothers. She is here to encourage sharing of our gifts, renewal and  collaboration, healing through accepting our gifts of both sacred femininity and masculinity, not as failings or weaknesses but as powerful and necessary catalyst for a new world.  She soothes the wound and calls for new cycles and renewals of life.



Let's celebrate and share our uniqueness of beauty

We are each other's ambers waiting to be ablazed

with fire spreading love far and wide,

our self-love, our small and wider communities, our planet.



We are the voice of Wild Feminine Soul

Olive Grove