I am not what you think you know*i am elemental wildness*wingbeats and moondust* dissolving ever closer*relaxing ever deeper into the aching arousal of life


Calling   Sisters



TreeSisters organisation, called itself into my life a few years ago. I was so ready to be part of sister community that not only connects women nature lovers but awakens gently and sometimes fiercely to take conscious and radical step towards re-growing and reforesting Mother Earth. 


This heart call means we grow our sisterhood as we grow the trees. Treesisters Moon Monthly calls had been the greatest source of inspiration and growth for me. I wish it to be the same for all of you.


Whether you wish to purchase my art work and decorate your sacred space, be it on your own wall, in your workspace or women's spaces of gatherings and circles, my wish is it brings lightness of energy and encourages creativity. My hope is that by becoming Treesisters Members, we all collectively bring our hearts together and take action on behalf of nature for nature. Reforesting the forests and rebuilding the world that is now in fractures and crying for trees, longing for aliveness is the sacred vision in action. 


Through this abundance we all benefit and spread the energy of abundance. This is the way, Feminine power is being heard, seen, validated, resurrected again. The rebalancing can begin to take place. We sense it is already happening right now. 

If you wish to help raise funds in the aid of Treesisters, grow abundance trees, please link up with women below



...Whether or not you know

that you are beautiful

the flowers gaze at you

whenever you walk by...

Clair Dubois- Your Natural Self