trees are poems


the earth writes upon the sky



Brewing in the Cauldron



Something has been brewing for a while, in the cauldron of global feminine power. And that something won’t let us sleep at night as if we know the change is coming.  And with new eyes and clear hearing we endeavour to embrace it.  


We see it sometimes in small transformations in our daily and moment to moment lives. At other times we see it in the immensity of darkness when facing colossal changes in our own lives and the outer realms. And we have fine sensitivity to be able to see it.


We are being led on a wave of connection with ourselves.  We are being asked to take all that we have , to gather back all our power we once were forced to let go, so that we can summon, reconnect  and gather the community of brave women that are like us, that are being called to take the leap of faith into the unknown, into the new world that is awaiting us. 


By now we all know there would be no prince or king arriving on a white horse to save us. We and the horse are one creature, equal and embraced together. We don’t need saving at all. With our own resources and those gifted to us at our birth but often forgotten, hidden and misplaced, yet always available, we brave what is ahead.


We are being asked to choose our words carefully. We had been invited to speak  the language which resonates with our deep and wild and free feminine soul. We are being beckoned and encouraged to share our epiphanies and inspire each others wild longings. We had been led to inspire each other to release a sacred communication with our bodies. The one that recognises all our needs, take care of our inner being and makes us follow our inner knowings of how to live well. That makes us create the wellbeing and joy within our own temples.


The old paradigms, the old powers of patriarchy, capitalism and materialism are dying. They are dying because their so-perceived strengths are fading, dropping and becoming the ashes of a distant past.  But we are following our urges, our deep hunger for authenticity, wildness, freedom and wholeness. They are building blocks of our joy and love that lead back to our hearts. 


We are the stirrers of the magical cauldron and we are brewing the magic, the new us, embracing the birth of new humanity in our growing arms, to remember what we are, in all our immensity.

Winter 2018.