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Women's Writing

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White Branch

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Mistress Of Her Own Key 








is a present title of  a piece of writing I'd been working on  and hope to release from my creation into a published book, to make it more alive . It is an account of one's woman mystical journey to reclaim the lost part of herself and her divine feminine soul realising all of the women are on that journey. It is also a celebration of feminine gifts and how we collaborate in creativity and creation.


My vision  is to share other women's unique story with the amazing gifts and powers. it is asking us to be born into the world so structure can be combination of prose and poetry, including short essays. Proposed length for prose is no more than 500 words and for poetry 250 words. The cost of publishing could be discussed among contributors to find the best possible solutions. 

My wish is to invite all women who would like to contribute to this creation. By sharing a  piece about their own challenging phases or events in their own journey of self-discovery, remembering and reclamation of their voices and gifts, we can weave a wonder-filled creation, community project. I long to hear about their reconnection and sisterhood, personal relationships with themselves and others and their own healing process in a simple, unbound writing. 


If you feel calling coming,  and wish to offer and share your creative juices please contact me.

To send a piece about yourself please email self-edited work directly to 

White Branch
Heart Outline

when the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful

Malala Yousafzai

all of us have equal power to change the deep currents of this life

Charles Eisenstein

write what should not be forgotten

Isabel Allende



At the heart of my expressive fire IS VOICE that needs to be unleashed. With the authority of our own voice as well as our global feminine voice we reclaim ourselves back. Back into our bodies, into our homes. We are guided into the light of the day, to revel in our passions and communicate our truth to the world. We are empowered by our dark as we express all  life, all aspects without seeking external approval and validation. We validate ourselves as we take our power back, saying goodbye to constraints and layers of shame and fear. We take action that serves our nature and we rebuild new world from the ashes of our pasts. This way our river of the soul can flow freely led by intuitive wisdom and in sacred purpose of divine human.