Abundance is the Key



For me being abundant means everything. Abundance is to me an essential tool we as humanity needs to cultivate to navigate through crossroads we are on.


As some see clearly the bounty and richness of Nature's resources been taken for granted and destroyed others close their eyes and choose to ignore.

Disappearance of Nature we completely rely upon our sustainability is dehumanising as much as devastating. Focusing on what remains after this aftermath and seeking new innovative ways to help restoration are paramount and so is turning to our inner wisdom and towards our own inner resources.


Committed to my own spiritual growth and threading waters of physical disability which I know are explicitly connected, I reach out to  others in many aspects of my daily living. Be it childcare, fixing or repairing things in and around house or just simply borrowing, reusing or sharing items. Where buying is concerned I think before I buy. Spending less on what is unnecessary creates more for what is essential, simple and meaningful.


It has become more apparent to me how my own community, my  neighbourhood, or street has the potential to become the greatest resource of abundance. I have had people offering me money to buy essentials for myself, taking things in their own cars without charging money or delivering free goods to my door. These unexpected and genuine gestures just keep coming my way and I see them as indeed reflections of true abundance. They are messages telling me I live in abundance and i will be always taken care of because there is enough out there of everything when shared.


And that goes for everyone else. Coming together and  sharing our humble lives, our resources or goods and our skills benefits all of us and leads to trust, comfort and closer connections. For me, these practices mean more then income. I deeply believe exchange of energy, goods and services including our skills, whatever they are, may not only be useful but could be the greatest source of abundant life on a personal and also global scale. It could become the new currency of our economy if we dared to practise it!  If we dared to deeply trust that each one of us can and is capable to contribute in a unique ways.


We had truly had it now of capitalism and consumerism driving all aspects of our lives. We long for transformation and true connection with what truly matters. Lastly, we so desire to give back what nature has abundantly and unassumingly been providing for us.


Let's do it , let's put  abundance into practise in simple ways whenever we can. It will cost us nothing except our own authenticity, genuine kindness and creative flair. These are true sources of abundance.





"In Transition" column Dorking Advertiser. 2018

trees are poems

the earth writes upon the sky


Kahlil Gibran