any one of us


unleashes our creativity

our world

will split open...

Martha Beck



The Call Of a Goddess










My calling to return to my essence first arrived more then fifteen years ago. Called by its quiet whisper i began to experience my spiritual awakening as spaciousness, a state of bliss, a vibrancy and sweet ecstasy. 


Since then, many smaller life cycles visited me revealing new worlds I had never witnessed before. My body at that time began to have life of its own, a pace of its own I was not familiar with. Faced with mysterious fatigue, suddenly and out of nowhere, my life seemed to have come to a halt. The quiet whisper turned into loud knocking asking of me to become still, to repose and take slower pace.



For many years, I fought this new visitor. I was in a strange battle daily. I was seeing fatigue as illness, as chronic condition, as a relentless uninvited visitor.  



It was during this time that Muse began to appear. She began calling my soul into more deeper and wider expansion of myself. Writing through darkest phases became my solace, a quiet spiritual practice, a balm that heals.


Through writing and brush strokes I came to the doorway of dark inner world engaging me with my own loss and discovery, pain and grief, and the visions of a new realms I was unable to define. My soul persevered, holding my hand through journey of unmapped and unknown territory.

But in truth, I had been called to return home all my life...


Wise Maga

               Thought Provoker





Cauldron Holder  



Sacred Activist