one day
you finally
what you
to do  

 and began...

Mary Oliver

Medicine For The Untamed  Feminine HeART 

If you are a woman yearning for something - something you are unable to put into words - I welcome you. That "something" I yearn for is wild medicine for the soul - a deep belonging, healing, a return to more natural cycles and free expression. Uninhibited, uncensored and transparent.


Recognising our spiritual journey as a gift of infinite creativity means everything to the lost soul. Suddenly you are here not by accident or fortunate circumstance, but by the mysterious synchronicities of a divine order.


You are here with me so that we can share mutual visions and dreams together. Dreams of living wilder, deeper, saner and freer. Even the darkest dreams that have followed you - you can especially begin to embrace these.


You are here so we can shine our most brilliant light and our deepest shadow togetherI am here with you so that we can fulfil our deep purpose, so that we know what we need to do and begin living purposefully.




this is a call for women 
to know and believe
in the holiness of their bodies
the sacredness in their dance
and the power in their voice

Zola Dubnikova



Let me share the expressions of the Wild Feminine Creator through my Medicine Poetry and  Muse Narratives. Let me open a world of colour that reveals a feminine path of awakening through my Visionary Art - creations silently nurtured as soul guides through many twists and turns.

The journey illuminates and is illuminated by the inner world of the Heroine, a self-taught artist, healer, writer, mother and nature lover.  

All expressions are important ways for me to affirm life. They are an invitation to ground our passion, grow strong and commit to live in allignment with Mother Earth. As a woman I am called towards sacred action and balance through the act of creation.

invite you to join me.


Welcome to a journey of wild awakening 

within a core of the untamed feminine heart.